FESTIVAL WATCH | Live On Lincoln

By: Alex Wood

Festival Watch is a Tomorrow’s Verse feature where we break down festival news into the facts you need to know.

Live On Lincoln – July 1 & 2 – 3200 N Lincoln Ave

Headliners To Watch:

The Motet – Seven-piece funk band The Motet specializes in a smooth, jazz-influenced style that can be as rowdy as it can be laid back. With a powerful sound and some incredible musicianship, this is an easy win for a headliner that would be hard not to enjoy.

Turkuaz- Nine-piece “powerfunk” band Turkuaz has a massive sound, utilizing horns and background singers to create an intense but danceable live show with a classic sound.

Chicano Batman- Featuring an eclectic sound that falls within the realm of indie and alternative, Chicano Batman is quirky and catchy, and a band that should only get bigger with passing time.  Their latest release Freedom Is Free in early running for our year end album list.

Polica- With a smooth electronic sound, terrific female vocals and a knack for straddling the line between odd and accessible, this band is known for their live shows and will surely put on a solid one in the festival setting.


The Undercard

Aqueous - New York based Aqueous has been tearing up the jam scene in recent years, performing high energy and technically proficient “groove rock.” A site to see, these guys will be worth getting to the festival early for on Sunday.

Los Colognes – This Nashville based Americana band has a sunny, catchy sound akin to Dawes but with a country flair. A definite undercard, this band shouldn't be overlooked in Sunday’s stacked lineup.

The Dig – Brooklyn’s The Dig have a modern indie sound that leans on classic rock and alternative to create a catchy final product that will bring some variety to Saturday's lineup.


Local Flavor

Mungion – Up-and-coming jam band Mungion are a must-see local act at the festival, paired perfectly with Aqueous on Sunday.

Jared Rabin – A local alternative-country singer-songwriter will open the festival on Saturday.


You Need To Know

This being the festival’s first year in existence, the details of Live On Lincoln are yet to be fully confirmed. However, with the help of Silver Wrapper, the festival certainly has one of the most enticing lineups of the summer, with Saturday focusing primarily on electronic and indie acts and Sunday catering directly to the jam band, funk and reggae crowd. With a variety of vendors and 14 talented musical acts, Live On Lincoln is set to be a worthy new addition to your packed Chicago musical calendar.


Bottom Line

Catering largely to the jam-band scene we love, Sunday in particular is a stacked lineup from beginning to end.  If you're in the city for Dead & Company, round out the experience with some street fest action that's just a stone's throw away.  Not a bad package for some mid-summer fun.


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