On TV | Strand Of Oaks KEXP Session

On TV features a quick recap of some of the music we’re playing at Tomorrow’s Verse Headquarters.

Who: Strand Of Oaks

What: An emotional and psychedelic recording session with KEXP running through a dramatic 40 minute performance from the band and including an interview. 

You Need To Know: After the excellent new record Hard Love, Strand Of Oaks have all but perfected their guitar-based brand of psych-rock, with impeccable songwriting to back up their hard rocking sound. Look no further than opener “Taking Acid And Talking To My Brother,” a sprawling 11-minute guitar track slowing escalading to a multiple-guitar psychedelic freakout, the band providing the perfect blend of musicianship and craftsmanship throughout. The set ends after a brief interview with an equally epic take on “Everything,” jamming the song out to unbelievably climactic proportions.

This is rock ‘n roll exactly how it’s meant to be played. Watch the full 43-minute performance below.

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