David Byrne Reveals New Album Out Next Year, Collaborations With Brian Eno And Oneohtrix Point Never, Tour Plans

David Byrne recently participated in a Reddit AMA, or ‘Ask Me Anything,’ and his answers to fans questions revealed the Talking Heads singer’s upcoming plans.

Bynre told fans that his next album would be out “early next year,” and that “Brian [Eno] helped me a LOT” on the record.

“I’m making tour plans (and a new record) for next year,” he again confirmed.

Another collaboration is in the works as well, revealed when asked about his songwriting process.

“Last week I wrote words and a melody over a track that Daniel Lopatin [aka Oneohtrix Point Never] sent me,” he said. “Lyrics are best when the writing is not obvious- when they appear to be naturally occurring (even though that might mean they are the result of lots of work and editing).

This means two new David Byrne albums are in the works to be released in the not-too-distant future.

Byrne also discussed the music he is inspired by currently, which includes “Sinkane, some of Weeknd, Lorde, new Lambchop, new Bon Iver, Sampha, PJ Harvey” and frequent collaborator Annie Clark (St. Vincent).

Elsewhere, he discussed Alzheimers, his recording and writing process, technology, biking, Talking Heads back catalog and more.

Read the full AMA here.

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