"Chicago Plays The Stones" Compilation To Feature Local Blues Legends

A new compilation album titled Chicago Plays The Stones aims to honor The Rolling Stones’ catalog utilizing the style and performers of the Chicago blues.

Created by Chicago Blues Experience and released in correlation with the Navy Pier exhibit dedicated to the Stones, Exhibitionism, the 12-song compilation features multiple of generations of Chicago blues artists, as well as a duet with Buddy Guy and Mick Jagger.

“There was always an irony in the fact that it took a British band to introduce much of America to the kings and queens of Chicago blues, but it was with the utmost sincerity that the Stones first covered these songs,” the album’s website explains. “This is what spawned the idea of Chicago Plays the Stones.”

Outside of Buddy Guy and his band’s collaboration with Jagger, the album features the seminal Billy Boy Arnold, harmonica whiz Billy Branch, esteemed guitarist Ronnie Baker Brooks, longtime Muddy Waters guitarist Bob Margolin, and many more.

“I wanted to capture that raw, live Stones vibe and energy in the studio, and present the songs as if Wolf or Muddy’s bands had played them,” Margolin said.

The record features selections from throughout the Stones’ discography, ranging from earlier tracks like “Play With Fire” to later ones like “Beast Of Burden,” all of which are transformed to a hard-hitting and gritty blues sound.

You can listen to samples of the songs and buy the album here, or find it at Exhibitionism and Whole Foods stores.

Read the tracklist below.

Chicago Plays The Stones:

1. "Let It Bleed" - John Primer

2. "Play With Fire" - Billy Boy Arnold

3. "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" - Buddy Guy with Mick Jagger

4. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - Ronnie Baker Brooks

5. "Sympathy For The Devil" - Billy Branch

6. "Angie" - John Primer

7. "Gimme Shelter" - Leanne Faine

8. "Beast Of Burden" - Jimmy Burns

9. "Miss You" - Mike Avery

10. "I Go Wild" - Omar Coleman

11. "Out Of Control" - Carlos Johnson

12. "Dead Flowers" - Jimmy Burns

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