Grant Achatz Of Alinea To Open Chicago Music Venue

Grant Achatz, one of two primary business partners responsible for Alinea, the molecular-gastronomy-experimenting Chicago restaurant awarded three Michelin stars, recently revealed plans to open a high-quality music venue in Chicago.

Achatz bought the building that formerly hosted an equally ambitious restaurant, Moto, as well as the furniture store next to it, both located in the heart of the Fulton Market neighborhood.

His plans are, unsurprisingly, set to high standards.

According to an interview with Modern Luxury, the space will become a “world-class music venue hand-in-hand with Alinea’s food.”

“I think, even in New York, when you think of some of the iconic music venues – whether it’s, I don’t know, the Village Vanguard, or the old Stork Club, or whatever it may be – typically, you can go find great music or great food, but it’s really hard to find them both in the same venue,” Achatz said. “That’s always been a very interesting challenge for us conceptually because there’s so many factors. Think of a bustling restaurant, a lot of musicians in particular are very picky about their venues and acoustics.”

Though no other details exist yet, Alinea co-owner Nick Kokonas has stated that they intend to take their time to perfect the design.

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