On TV | Jeff Tweedy’s NPR Set Featuring A New Song

Last weekend, Jeff Tweedy performed a career-spanning solo set in Washington, DC as part of NPR Music’s 10th anniversary celebration.

The songwriter opened with a new song titled “Bombs Above” before breaking into Uncle Tupelo’s “We’ve Been Had,” a Mavis Staple track and three Wilco songs, including A.M.’s “Passenger Side.”

The new song was delivered without explanation, but featured predictably great lyrics.

     “All my life I’ve played a part

     In the bombs above the ones you love

     I’m taking a moment to apologize

     I should’ve done more to stop the war - so I’m sorry


     I leave behind a trail of songs

     In the darkest gloom to the brightest sun

     I’ve lost my way but it’s hard to say

     What I’ve been through should matter to you


     A man so drunk he could hardly stand

     Told me once holding my hand

     Suffering’s the same for everyone

     He was right but I was wrong - to agree”

The performance is nothing short of excellent, the set finding Tweedy in an especially charismatic and inspired form.

Watch the full, 18-minute set below. 

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