These Are Your Jams, Volume Three

This is the third edition of the The Barn’s These Are Your Jams series.  To see what this is all about, check out Volume One, and Volume Two... and for more jams check out our entire My Jams series.

1. I'll admit, this band was a punchline before I heard a lick of their music.  The name Brothers Rage just sounds like it should be used in an SNL skit that lampoons untz-y jambands.  There's nothing funny about the absolute shredding going on in this cover of Men At Work's "Down Under" - the presence of Marcus Rezak doesn't hurt either. H/T WeirScrewed

2. Very few pieces of music in 2013 hit me as hard as Kiki Pau's "Astronauttija" so it definitely got an immediate like on TIMJ.  Strap yourself in, this is a journey through space.  H/T WeirScrewed

3. I was sold on Dirtfoot's "Cast My Plans" when I realized the video was intended to be a backstory of how the band came into being.  I haven't heard of them before or since. H/T jackthestripper

4. Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus makes some impressive noise with his band The Jicks.  Glad to see he'll be back on the road in 2014.  Here is "Sing Swan Song" H/T WeirScrewed

5. Parker (aka tmwsiy) was the one who turned me on to This Is My Jam, so when I saw that he  Popol Vuh's "In Deine Hande" was one of his rare jams I just had have a listen. A totally unknown band to me, the mystery was deepened since it's entire YouTube entry is written in (Greek?) lettering:  Πότε θα κάνει ξαστεριά .  Apparently, they're a German band formed in 1969, and pretty damn influential too.   This track shows why -- an interesting chapter of rock history opened right up for me.


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