Setlist / Full Show Video: The Werks @ Bottom Lounge 11/29/13

Just when I thought I was on top of every last jamband out there, YouTuber izeoftheworldphotos posted this video of The Werks' Chicago set at Bottom Lounge from the Thanksgiving weekend.  Admittedly, the band's name had been on my radar (primarily because of their Werk Out Festival), but although I'm a jamband aficionado, I do tend to approach new ones skeptically.  Honestly, I had these guys pegged for the type high-untz-factor electro-funk that tends to get repetitious and same sounding to my ears.  Granted, there's elements of that here, but also enough creativity and commitment to searing guitar and organ jamming to separate them from the pack.

Not sure what drew me to this video exactly.  Some combination of the videographer's body of work and just enough buzz.  But I'm glad I decided to make the "click" -- impressive chops, very high energy and bold improv.  This long set kept me interested, especially after hearing the nice segues in and out of The Police's "Walking On The Moon", then researching the setlist and finding out that a cover of Phish's "Tube" was on the way.

Hopefully you will enjoy as well.

Setlist (via The Werks facebook)

Music> Galactic Passport> Walking on the Moon> Galactic Passport, Duck Farm, Heading South> Looking for the Light*> Sane, Tube#, Onslaught*

E: Hard to Find > Fat Man$*

* Paint It Black teases
# Cliffs of Dover tease
$ Lonesome Fiddle Blues tease, Sultans of swing tease

The Werks in Chicago 11/29/13

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